Alessandro Rivellino

Where is the intersection of dreamland and awaken realm at this big reality called Dream? Alessandro Rivellino? What to say? I have been living dance and contact improvisation in a surrendered way as a dancer for 17 years and as a teacher for 12 (if I do not count my childhood experiences) and I had the opportunity to travel to 23 countries, offering and having classes, intensive courses, workshops, residencies and Jams with different and experienced colleagues, which probably gave me a good “floor” to start with ‘not knowing with certain quality’ …

I have also organized, with more people, different meetings and festivals of this beautiful practice, in Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Denmark, Turkey and Mexico. I come from different dance schools at the somatic level and movement research, today I see that I have danced and taught a good part of my life and yet I feel that I have just started. In my practice I have been integrating various techniques and bringing the potential of dance to life. If I ask myself between my name and my body, the second one is the dearest, and if you ask about my deepest interest in dancing and teaching the answer would be around living questions related to dance itself, to the presence and to the Big Mistery.

I Hope through this illusion of you and I being separated, we can drop it, and go beyond our hanging names to explore the in-between field of existence to dance and be danced with and through the visible and invisible forces entangled at each single moment and find the way to be at the arch of beauty.

Intensive description

A kid. Look at kids. Feel how they are connected with their bodies. An animal. Look to animals. Feel how they are connected to their bodies. They are not pretending or interpreting themselves, they are not imitating the image they have of how it should be to be like they are. Let’s embrace their innocence and awareness, their truth and subtlety. It is not even connected to their bodies, they ARE their bodies, and the body is present in its wholeness, and does not end at their skin. Attention is body, the same way that a sound does from outside into our ears labyrinth, it goes aswell with other senses, and also the other way round, imagine your skin doing that.

As the perception who made the animals climb the mountain before the Tsunami, Contact Improvisation precedes its form. What makes improvisation appear in the pre-thinking place that is not attached to habitual patterns?

Our practice is very special.

Clear bases, which appear radical to our social body (social body who eventually sustains the weight of the head, masks, unnecessary tensions…) Underneath, or beyond this limitations, there is a body who knows gravity, connects skeleton system, digestive spine, knows how to push, to slide, to roll, to climb, to jump, to fall, to feel, in a very peaceful way, comfortable and outside of its comfort zone, and knows how to play with it, how to learn sinaesthetically.

The question here is: how to teach an intensive where the dance is the teacher?

We want to keep the mistery of improvisation alive and be very clear with surrendering into dance.

Very open senses to reality of presence, a very deep listening to inside and outside, a way to do less in order to have more availability for dancing.

A embodied presence who works with and releases attention.

Let’s see what will happen next?