contemporary dance & functional anatomy

contemporary dance * functional anatomy  * movement organisation and injury prevention  in dance

 TUESDAY *** 18.00-20:30Uhr ***

  • February – Series  2023 with  6 evening classes :                                                                  31.01. / 7.02. / 14.02. / 28.02. / 07.03. / 14.03.                                                    


Dance & movement education inspired by the AXIS SYLLABUS .  Classes consist of guided solo  and partner explorations referring to functional anatomy of the human body.  Little exemplary movement sequences will be practised in order to deepen the understanding of certain movement principles.

PLACE  Steinfeldcenter Witzenhausen


18.00h -20.30h (arrival at 17:45)

2 h dance &  movement class, 30 min beginning & ending circle, free improvisation

Since 2017  I have been deepening my understanding of the functionality of the human body in motion through the lensis of the Axis Syllabus mainly studying with Kira Kirsch and Antoine Ragot as well as receiving an ongoing training in Kinaesthetics . Theses are the main sources which nourish this dance and movement class. The class is suitable for EVERYBODY, all levels, all ages…