Performance “spring equinox”

dance and music performance at Wassermühle Friedland

21th  of March 2020 at 8pm,  Leinestr. 10 in 37133 Friedland

„spring equinox“  is the first of three concerts at Wassermühle Friedland under the direction of the double-bass player Peter Krug.

During this live performance the dancer Katja-Bahini Mangold will improvise with the trombonist Günter Heinz from Dresden and the double-bass player Peter Krug. Her expressive dance is influenced by the practice of Contact Improvisation and Butoh dance.

Where do you turn to when day and night resemble each other?

Katja-Bahini Mangold: dance improvisation / Günter Heinz: trombone , transverse flute,  zurna, electronics / Peter Krug :hang, double-bass, electronics

box office: 15,- / 10,- pre-selling: oder Reservix