Here we are. I am Katja-Bahini.

I hold spaces for deep somatic inquiry and embodiment.

I consider life as a continous *dance into being*. A dance from moment to moment, from wave to matter, from matter to wave…

I guess the greed, anger and sadness that we encounter on our path want to be felt as deeply as our deepest joy and pleasure.

Being with what is and giving space for what wants to  emerge is part of the mystery of becoming.

My primal teachers are the WATER , the EARTH , the AIR , the WIND, the FIRE and the SPACE   in and around me.  You are welcome to taste my work and creations. 

Katja-Bahini / Dance into Being

Ecosomatics * Contact Improvisation * Experiential Anatomy * Intuitive & Archaic Dance * Embodiment * Environmental Dance * Women Empowerment