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I would appreciate, if you take a moment to get to know the dance events, performances & trainings that I am (co)organizing in 2020!!

Beside the DIALOGE Contact Impro one-day Jam series with live music with an inspiring team of guest musicians, I will offer a Contact- Impro & experiential anatomy mini series about SPINAL MECHANICS in Kassel together with my collegue Marianne Linder starting on 7.-8.3.2020.  On spring equinox, the 21.3.2020, I will be involved in music and dance performance project.   In April you will have the unique opportunity to join the  AXIS SYLLABUS Intensive with Frey Faust near Witzenhausen.

NOTE: Due to actuel regulations because of Corona containment policy all events until End of April will be postponed.  I will keep you updated for our new dates!!

The registration for the events  Waldfrauenzeit – Dance into being and Wilderness-dance  is possible and I am confident that we can adjust these events to the actual requirements as we will be a small group of 10 to maximal 18 persons mainly dancing outside in the surrounding forests. We will possibly abstain from using elements of Contact Improvisation in our dances in favor of more elements of Authentic Movement and solo dance explorations which allow us practising physical  distancing.

In  May Waldfrauenzeit -Dance into Being – a women dance retreat & one- years cycle in nature at the natural reserve Märkische Schweiz near Berlin-  will start again!!  It is possible to apply for “Bildungsprämie” and get a refund of 50% of the seminar fee. Please contact me minimum 6 weeks  in advance.

If you are interested in dance  in and with nature in a mixed group, Wilderness-dance in July at the natural reserve Märkische Schweiz near Berlin  might be a good place to be… Last but not least, here you find infos about my  weekly dance classes & Contact Impro Jams  in Witzenhausen.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Yours,  Katja-Bahini