DIALOGE – Contact Impro Jam series with live music


Saturday 26th  – Sunday 27th  of November 2022


Within the DIALOGE  series we, Katja-Bahini and Peter Krug open a space for exploring the interaction between  music, sound and physical motion /dance. We chose the weekend format as we wish to generously spend time together as a group.

– in stillness, in motion and contact, sounding and making music, as well as talking about what connects and moves us. Every Jam will include different musical focuses and moods – sometimes calm, melodical, rhythmical or experiential and will start with a guided warmup offered by me, Katja-Bahini or Marielle Gerke.    

– with Peter Krug (contrabass and hang), Luisa Sarmiento (soundmagic and singing circle),  Nils Alf (sax) und  Jörn Berger (trumpet and percussion), Marielle Gerke (Contact Improvisation) und Katja-Bahini (frame drum and Contact Improvisation).  

The event is designed for 22-25 people.
Previous experience in Contact Improvisation is wished as we will offer no classes but guided Contact Impro Jam formats for free improvisation.


Near  Göttingen with a good train connection. All details you receive after      registration.

Saturday  9:30h Arrival,    10h  Start

Sunday      18h End, 18 – 19h  cleaning and leaving

Optional parciticapition at Witzenhausen Contact Impro Jam on Friday from  17:45h to  20:30h possible.


The  The food in the breaks will be partially self organized. We offer a warm porridge in the morning and soup in the evening, as well as drinks and bread. Everything else will be brought as a potluck by the participants (Salads, raw foods, spreads, snacks) On Saturday afternoon there will be time until 16h for a rest or walk before we start with the afternoon Jam.


100 – 135€/ person registration and payment  before 17th of November. Price includes the commitment fee of 30€, excluding price for accomodation of 10 €/ night.

135 -150€/ person  registration and payment after 17.11.2022. Price includes the commitment fee of 30€, excluding price for accomodation of 10 €/ night. 


With the payment of the commitment fee of 30€ you confirm your participation. Places will be confirmed according to payment.  The commitment fee is not refundable.  Registration is completed with the received  full payment latest until 17.11.2022. If complete payment has not succeeded until that date, places can be redistributed.


It is possible to sleep in a separate seminar room, which is only available for resting and sleeping in the evening times. Sleeping bag and mattress have to be brought by each person. Additional cost per night is 10€ per person to be payed in cash.


The commitment fee of 30€  is  non-refundable both in case of withdrawl of participation as well as retirement due to force majeure. Until 17th of November the payment minus the commitment fee is refundable in case of withdrawl. After 17th of November the payment minus the commitment fee is only refundable in case of illness  with medical report.


We ask for a responsible and cautious handling with infectious deseases and symptoms of illness from all participants. We expect from all participants to make a Covid- Selftest before the beginning of the event and only participate in case of negative result.  Generally spoken the regulations of Niedersachsen apply.

For further information and registration  please write a mail to   info(at)katja-bahini.de with the subject “Dialoge”



9:30h -10:00h arrival
10:00h -10:30h welcoming circle
10:30h -13:30h Jam 1
13:30h -16h pause
16h -18h Jam 2
18h -20:00h pause
20h -22:30 Jam 3  open end


8h – 9h breakfast self organized
9h – 10h singing circle
10h – 13h Jam 1
13h – 15h pause
15h – 17:30h Jam 2
17:30h- 18h ending circle
18h – 19h common cleaning and leaving

there may be some changes in the schedule