AXIS SYLLABUS Intensive with Frey Faust near Witzenhausen

15th – 18th of April 2020   New date !! 14th -17th of April 2021
Due to regulations because of Corona containment policy this event has been postponed.

5 hours Intensive with Frey Faust per day.
2  evening Contact- Impro Jams facilitated by Katja-Bahini
Course language is English.  Limited to 30 participants

 Limited amount of accomodation places  in the studio  are available. So especially if you come from further away and need a sleeping place it is recommended to register in advance.

Frey Faust- dancer, choreographer,teacher
Axis Syllabus Demonstrational Film
Text about Axis Syllabus

Shared but Unique
Frey Faust teaches The Axis Syllabus
Embodied: thinking, feeling, imagining, elastic, resilient, round.
Bone, muscle, organ, nerve, blood.
Inside and outside the skin. Self and other.
Connectivity. Identity. Vulnerabilities.
Advantages. Limitations.
Freedoms. Inhibitions.
Competence. Deficit.
Front back and side. Up, down and forward… around.
Gravity, momentum, inertia.
Gesture, symbol, culture.
Time, space, planet earth.
Using Dance as a language.


“Axis” is a reference to vector coordinates allowing the calculation of dimension, direction, inertial values and kinetic energy equations, and “Syllabus” means a list or lexicon, that organizes these references and correlates them with various kinds of documented practice. Having a non-specific cross-sector impact, The AS has met with an enthusiastic, international response from various performance oriented artists, as well as a wide cross-section of the scientific community. Twenty years ago, prompted by a convincing popular interest in this work, Frey founded the AS International Research Network, which has since developed an instructor’s certification process with operational centers in seven countries and participants in development.”

200€ EARLY BIRD registration & payment until 1.3.2021
220€ regular price

please be there on  14.4.2021 at 10h  for your personal arrival and to get familiar with the place . Class stars at 11h.

Wednesday 14.4.   11h-13:30 class / 15:30-18h class /
20h-21:30 Contact Impro Jam **
Thursday 15.4.        11h-13:30 class / 15:30-18h class /
20h-21:30 Contact Impro Jam**
Friday 16.4.               11h-13:30 class / 15:30-18h class
( Witzenhausen Contact Jam: 19h-22h)***
Saturday 17.4.        10:30h-13h class/ 14:30-17h class/ departure

* there might be slight changes in the schedule
**with facilitated warmup, the participation  is optional, please feel free to take a rest if wished, beginners welcome!!
*** this is an external event in 8km distance, carpooling could be an option for those who wish to participate.

Dorfgemeinschaftshaus Werleshausen
Schulviertel 15
37214 Witzenhausen-Werleshausen

with public transport:
from train station “Witzenhausen Nord” (between Kassel and Göttingen) use the local bus to busstop “Witzenhausen-Werleshausen B 27”, which runs every 30 mins until 19:30. Further  infos here . From there walk 1km to the gym hall.

Limited amount of sleeping places (ca 15) are available near the studio in a shared sleeping room: additional contribution: 5€ /night. Bring your own sleeping bag & matress! If you wish to arrive on 13.4.2021, arrival is possible after 18h only for those who stay overnight in the studio. There might be still going on some preparations.. Offical start is in the morning. For those who sleep in the studio, there is the option to stay until Sunday 18.4.2021  maximus 9h.
Further information about alternative accomodation you can find here.

Self organized. Community kitchen & fridge are available in the gym hall.  Super markets are in 8km distance. Local trasport takes around 20min plus walking 1km each way.

Please click here to register: REGISTRATION

The registration is completed by the payment of the full workshop fee to Intakt e.V.  In case of withdrawal of the participant more then 2 weeks in advance of the workshop, 30€ service fee will be kept. In case of withdrawal less then 2 weeks in advance of the event, 50% of the fee will be kept and in case of withdrawal less then one week in advance of the event, the full fee will be kept. Only in case of illness (with doctor’s proof) or family emergency, the remaining fee can be reimbursed. Payments can be made via bank transfer.
In case of cancellation of the event due to force majeur  the service fee of 30€ will be kept to honor administrative efforts . Customer claims for damages such as for non-performance are excluded.

event hosted  by Intakt e.V.