SPINAL MECHANICS – Contact- Impro & experiential Anatomy mini series

– with Katja-Bahini Mangold & Marianne Linder
– inspired by Axis Syllabus

7th – 8th March 2020:    focus lumbar spine
25th – 26th April 2020: focus lower thoracic spine
Due to governmental Corona containment policy part 2 of the series will be postponed – we will keep you updated about new dates here!!

In a constant communication with gravity, the spine navigates our masses through space. Looking at its design gives us clues to understand its function. By respecting the specific wavelike shape of the spine as well as following the orientation of its joint surfaces while moving we can allow for movement impulses to travel within the body and channel them in multiple directions.

During the first weekend we will, after looking for a more refined physical understanding of the function of the spine as a whole, put our focus on the lower back. What is the role of the lumbar spine and what potential does it offer in movement? Why does it have certain restrictions and how can we recognize and respect them while moving? – Especially in Contact Improvisation where we move with more weight than just our own.

In the second workshop we will zoom in on the lower thoracic spine as it is a section that allows for the greatest range of movement in all three directions (3D). The coordination of this mobile part of the spine defines the relationship between the two big masses – torso and pelvis, with legs and arms. By being more aware of the orientation of these masses in contact improvisation by articulating through this section of the spine, we can wisely use our weight and on top produce and deal spontaneously with versatile situations.

In the workshops we will have theoretical input, phases of solo and partner exploration, suggested movement material, improvisation, time for play and integration as well as for verbal exchange.

The course is addressed to people who have embodied the basic principles of CI.

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We both have been and still are intensely investigating in contemporary dance & Contact Improvisation through the lens of the Axis Syllabus. We wish to broaden our range of movement choices through the application of practical and anatomical insights, as well as by refining our sense of our body through the physical feedback of our dance partners.Trial and error, listening, letting go, playing.

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KASSEL, Tango Zero, in a 100 m² wide & beautiful tango studio!!

Part  1  Sat 7.3. 11-19h inklusive 1h CI-Jam // Sun 8.3. 11-18h
Part 2   Sat 25.4. 11-18h // Sun 26.4. 11-18h

ca 5h class/day and 2h pause. Each part can be booked separately.

220 – 270€ EARLY BIRD whole series (deposit until 7.2.2020)
250 – 300€ whole series REGULAR price

120 – 140€ EARLY BIRD part 1 or 2 (deposit one month in advance)
140 – 160€ part 1 or 2  REGULAR price

simple accommodation (without shower & kitchen ) is possible in a separate room near the studio if communicated in advance.


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